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I am Councillor Steve Williams, one of three Conservative Councillors for the Moreton West & Saughall Massie Ward.

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Archive for September, 2010

Early Morning Raids

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

Early this morning I went out with Merseyside Police as an observer, as they were executing search warrants for illegal drugs. I attended with them at an address in Town Meadow Lane.  No illegal substances were recovered. The police were acting on information they had received from concerned residents.  I hope this will continue as illegal drug use is causing so much damage and suffering in our area.

Tesco new to Moreton?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

Many people thought Tesco coming to Moreton Cross is a new thing.  Recently I found an old postcard of Pasture Road from the late sixties.  On the south corner with Oakenholt Avenue is a Tesco.

I think this was the first one in Moreton. Tesco later moved from here to 303 Hoylake Road, (now Iceland), and then became Victor Value.

Yet Another Takeaway

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

I have received notice that yet another application has been submitted for a hot food takeaway in Moreton. This time at 283 Hoylake Road.  Full details will be published on the Council’s website within the next two days. If approved this would take the number of takeaways to 12.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

I have received quite a lot of calls about overgrown weeds on the pavements and in gutters. It has been widespread across the ward, particularly in the Seaforth Drive, Briscoe Drive area. There has been an issue about the type of weed killer the contractor is now allowed to use due to a recent european directive. That is still being addressed. Also another contention was that after the last weedkilling operation we had a lot of rain which does not help the process.

I have spoken with the contractor and have been told that a weedkilling operation will begin today and run for the next day or two throughout the ward.  Please contact us if you have any issues regarding weeds or weedkilling.

Wirral’s Future be part of it

Monday, September 20, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

Cllr Steve Williams - Tracey Smith

Wirral Council’s Consultation began last week and the Roadshow is visiting numerous venues across the Borough.  This morning the event was at the One Stop Shop in Moreton, staffed by Tracey Smith and Mark Payne.

Councillor Chris Blakeley and myself called in and chatted to some local residents who showed a lot of interest in the consultation, and either filled in a questionnare or took one home with them.

At last a chance for the people of Wirral to have their say.


Website for Teenagers

Monday, September 20, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

Last week saw the launch of the Council’s new website for teenagers. It has been received well by youngsters I have spoken to about it. It aims to give information about what is happening in Wirral for their age group. There is also Health & Safety issues, Sport and Education sections.

There are lists of youth clubs and current events.  Links to other youth sites are also available.

If you know any teenagers please make them aware of this site 

Leasowe Lighthouse

Sunday, September 12, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

This afternoon as part of the Wirral Heritage Weekend I went to Leasowe Lighthouse, where there was a public open day. It was very busy with many people wanting to go to the top. As a member of the friends group, I was able to assist Helen, one of the guides, taking one of the parties to the top. For Health & safety reasons 2 people have to go with each party front and rear. I covered the rear. I think the plan may be if someone were to fall, they would fall on me!  A great afternoon thanks to the all the dedicated helpers at Leasowe Lighthouse.

Barbara, Lynn and Helen

Diabetes Awareness Day

Saturday, September 11, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

Today I called in at the Diabetes Awareness Day at Christchurch Church Hall in Upton Road. Despite the heavy rain the event was well attended. There were about 14 stands with lots of information available from various organisations including Wirral Borough Council, NHS, Pituitary Foundation, British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, and Homeinstead Senior Care.

There was also lots of  advice available regarding exercise, diet and podiatry.  All the local residents I chatted to were impressed with the information available and the idea of the awareness day.

Foxfield School

Thursday, September 9, 2010 posted by Steve Williams

Since being elected last November I have tried to visit and get to know many of the community groups, churches and schools etc. in the ward. One of the schools I have visited a number of times for various events is Foxfield School in Douglas Drive. I have always been made very welcome at the school and I was extremely impressed how the school runs. This picture shows the most recent event I attended in July, the leavers BBQ.

Foxfield Leavers BBQ

I am delighted that I have now been elected as a Governor of Foxfield School and am looking forward to working more closely with the school.