Thursday, August 28, 2014 posted by Steve Williams

I was pleased to be invited to a fun day for children at Moreton Dental Care on Hoylake Road.  The day was aimed at teaching youngsters about oral health but in a fun way.  There were stands and puppets as learning aids, and assisting the practice staff were workers form Wirral Community NHS Trust.

I learned some frightening statistics such as there are nearly 26,000 children in England aged between five and nine who were hospitalised for multiple tooth extractions during 2013/2014.  Events like this are attempting to get those numbers down.  Principle dentist Dr. Paul Sherrard was extremely pleased with the turnout of about 100 children.  It is always a worry that an event like this can flop if people don’t attend, but this day was a great success.

As you can see I was taught how to ‘brush properly’!


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