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Steve Bruce Typhoo-2000

Today my colleague, Cllr. Bruce Berry and myself were at Typhoo, Pasture Road, Moreton for a fact finding tour.  We were both very impressed with the operation which runs around the clock, employing over 300 people, many from the local area.  The staff enthusiasm was tremendous.  Our factory ‘Tour Guide’ had been there 37 years and out tea taster expert, 27 years.  I must admit I have always thought a cuppa was a cuppa.  Now I know very differently, about the types and blends of the tea.

The facts about where the tea originates from is a study in itself.  It was like listening to wine connoisseurs, only about tea.  Even down to the hardness of the water, the type of vessel the tea is made in and importantly the time it is allowed to brew.  Some days I realise how ignorant I am about certain things.  I never thought that this factory right on our doorstep, produced so many teabags.

A good visit to one of our bigger local employers and a lot learned.  So impressed that I’ll show the attire picture we weren’t going to show!


 More details available on the Typhoo website


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